Securing the Kingdom of your computer network

I heard it again today, “I don’t have anything they would want, why would hackers attack me?” This is one of dozens of excuse people and businesses give me for not wanting professional IT services and or security.

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Log Me In is at it again. This time with Cubby.

Over the years, (LMI) has gone from a great company with the customer in mind to a self-serving company whose ambition is profit. Yes, profit is necessary, I am a capitalist, however the screwing of the customer is a bad idea.

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USB flash drive protection

Ever lost a USB “Thumb” drive? Did you worry if strangers found it what they could find?

As an IT professional, I use USB drives every day. I have lost two in the last 3 years. Fortunately, I don’t keep any customer or dangerous data on them. Basically I keep my logos, some security software and maybe a file or two. The biggest thing that sucks for me is getting my notes back. Normally they are notes on a project I am working on such as “Why WHS backup keeps failing” and in it, shortcuts to web sites with a few notes.

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