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Android malware: how to keep your device safe from filecoders (and everything else)

I have been evaluating the ESET Security Software for Android for about a month now. I have nothing negative to report and nothing spectacular to report either. Regardless, below is part of an e-mail and blog alert from them I felt needed to be passed along.

“You may have seen the news in the past few days about the Android/Simplocker ransomware threat and may be worried about the impact it will have on you and your Android device. There’s no need to panic, just follow these 5 simple steps to be safe and secure: Continue reading

Removing and Cleaning up the Fake FBI scare warning

Though this internet nasty has been around a while, it seems to have found a few new tricks for infecting your computers. It primarily prevents you from booting your computer up and has a wild accusation.

This rootkit is simply a window that covers your entire screen and “alerts” you that the FBI has found something on your computer and you must register and pay for the “it” to get your computer back to work.

This is a pure scam, so don’t do it.

For the Do-it-Yourselfers out there, here is the plan of attack that successfully use in removing this crud. I will presume you are a DYI type person and know how to burn ISO images and properly run security software, if you don’t, I suggest hiring a professional to do this cleanup. A reasonable cost would be between $200 and $350 due to the time involved. Continue reading

It can happen to me, so it can happen to you

So Saturday I get a strange email from my wife’s Yahoo account. One of those “Hello” in the subject and “I thought you would enjoy this link” messages. I immediately knew it was crapware.

My wife has a netbook that she takes around and uses on open (free) wireless networks wherever she is. She also does not turn it off but rather just closes the lid. Apparently while opening an email (she is a couponer so she opens any and all emails) her machine became infected. Even though I have talked to her about the dangers her attitude is “I have got your to fix it if something happens”, my issue with that is about four times a year I am cleaning a big mess of the laptop, and this time the infection allowed the hackers software to have access to and harvest our Yahoo email password. Continue reading