Disabling IPv6 to speed up your computer and network

With so many devices on the World Wide Web, a new protocol for the IP addresses was released, IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6). It will eventually replace IPv4. At this point, not many complete networks have a requirement for IPv6 which means you can safely disable it.

We currently and have been using IPv4, which gives your computer and devices numerical addresses like xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx or more realistically something like It seems we are going to run out of number since these only go to 255, not 999 in each segment.

As for now, and in all offices that I work in and with, there is no need to run IPv6. If you don’t have all computers, switches, networked devices (NAS, Printers, Scanners …) and of course your router using IPv6, I only see it as an unneeded overhead on your computer and network. So let’s disable it! Continue reading

ESET and SBS 2008 Issues, Part 2

In our continuing saga of a quack that had gone to the dogs, we pick up where we left off last.

Since the customer had been using POP email, the inability to use Exchange was a problem but not critical.
After 2 months of ESET not being able to solve the issue we ramped up our complaints asking for higher level techs, our (my business) was never responded to and the customer rarely heard from ESET. The growing problem was instability on the network. Finally ESET plainly stated “not our problem”. This was exceptionally frustrating for us, a company that is an authorized dealer, and that ESET had been so good for so long in the past with service…

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Annoying Tech Arrogance

Well hello and welcome back to this edition of The Weekly Geek. It’s great to see you again!

Earlier this month I was touring the desert of SlowServia searching out the ancient city of Mydatastewslow. While digging at the temple of Bloatedfiles I found that a tomb raider had already been there.  While sifting through the sand, the ancient one showed up full of arrogance, praising himself to the local tribe. That was until the ancient one realized he was looking at Adonis himself. As a hush fell across the desert valley, the ancient one looked down at the sand in humble submission and quickly scurried away to perform some menial task at hand. Continue reading