To Build or Not to Build, that is the Question

That’s a silly question. I say “build it”, with that in mind, there are reasons not to build a computer. Size being the primary reason. Recently I had a 3 part series on building a PC.

In this article I want to give you ideas on not building a PC, or more specifically what not to build. Laptops, and Tablets. Ok, there is the list. Pretty short huh. Continue reading

Building a PC: the case, power supply, video card and DVD – Part 2

In my last article I talked about several of the parts needed to build a PC, the motherboard, processor (CPU), memory (RAM) and hard drives. This week I want to cover the case, power supply, video card and DVD.

Cases have changed from plain beige literal desktop cases that the monitor sat on, to black cases that sit on the floor with every color imaginable as well as configurations from windows to lighted in between. I have sold translucent green, yellow with windows and internal lights to black and silver with external lights and many in between.

NUC next to mid-tower ATX case

NUC next to mid-tower ATX case

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Hardware recommendations when building a PC

I am frequently asked what hardware I use when I build a PC. You see, I build computers, I don’t go an buy pre built systems. After building the many systems I have over the last 15 plus years I have learned first hand what hardware and software manufacturers are “the best”.

While some may want the best based on speed or price, I base what I use and why on how the manufacturer treats me, my customers and the public in general. Over time some companies have gotten better, dome worse. Some have gone out of business and new manufacturers have risen. With that said, here are the parts I use and maybe a short description why. Continue reading

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 review

I won the Yoga that is reviewed here in late Feb 2014, it was for some training and testing and training I did with Intel. Thank you Intel! It took until late April for the Ultrabook to show up on my doorstep. Since I won it, I had “no choice” in the model et al. It is a Lenovo Yoga 13, with an Intel i3-3227 (1.9GHZ) processor, Windows 8 x64 (now 8.1), 8GB of RAM, with a 128GB Samsung SSD hard drive. There is no DVD or LAN connection, Wi-Fi only. Continue reading

Got Questions? Ask away!

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