I Always Wondered Where Food Came From

This week we have another fun article from our friend Dan owner of Cartridge World located at 3656 S. Campbell, Springfield, MO 65807. (417) 823-9990

My wife is ill so I’ve taken over the cooking duties, a skill previously unknown to me. For the last 65 years, at mealtimes—poof!— it never failed—food magically appeared on my plate.  So I assumed food was a biblical manna thing, or maybe it came from some kind of a government airdrop.

A B-24 Liberator on a pork chop and mashed-potato run over my neighborhood.  Evidently, this never happened. Continue reading

My Long Jeopardy Nightmare Continues

Today we get another fun guest article by Dan McNeil

In my years-long quest to prove I’m at least as smart as the guy who comes in third on Jeopardy, I once again took the annual online test to compete on the show.

Typically you just have to be lucky enough to get several questions in your areas of expertise.

In my case, that’s 20th century history, college football, and all the naked scenes from “Game of Thrones”. Continue reading

A Tribute to Craig Mitchell Dix

By Bob Anderson
(This story is a reprint from the book Sarge, What Now?)

A long time ago, a kid left Livonia, Michigan. He went to war. He was probably a lot like me I guess, although I never met him but he has been a part of my life daily since 1975.

In 1975, I was stationed at Clark AB, when the last Americans and a host of Vietnamese left Viet Nam. Clark had been the reception point for the returning POWs. One of my brother Cops had the wonderful opportunity to give his to the person named on the bracelet. Continue reading

Loss of a dog, no a friend

This weeks article is another guest article by Dan McNeil. This one much less controversial than his previous articles, and a tribute. He wrote this in May of 2014.

I lost a best friend last week.  After 11 years, our Yorkie passed on.

He’d been fading for a year, his passing was expected, and we knew it would be sad.  But I thought it would be bearable. Continue reading

Bill Maher’s standards are not American standards

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This week we have another guest article by Dan McNeil, he wrote this to his e-mail subscribers late last year, around October.

When rich and famous Robin Williams killed himself last month, it was quite a shock.
But each year at this time, the suicides that really strike home are the ones that occurred 13 years ago when the 9/11 suiciders struck. Continue reading