Sometimes you find out about things the very hard way

I will cut to the chase first thing. Windows 7 x64 with Adobe Reader (or full version) and a Xerox Phaser printer don’t play nice.

Recently I sold, delivered and setup a new Windows 7 x64 PC to a client. Things went smooth overall so I Ieft when I thought all the setup was done. I was happy until an hour later when I received a call that client could not open any attachments in email. If they were saved to the desktop they would open just fine. Windows Live Mail was the email program being used before and now. Continue reading

ESET and SBS 2008 Issues, Part 2

In our continuing saga of a quack that had gone to the dogs, we pick up where we left off last.

Since the customer had been using POP email, the inability to use Exchange was a problem but not critical.
After 2 months of ESET not being able to solve the issue we ramped up our complaints asking for higher level techs, our (my business) was never responded to and the customer rarely heard from ESET. The growing problem was instability on the network. Finally ESET plainly stated “not our problem”. This was exceptionally frustrating for us, a company that is an authorized dealer, and that ESET had been so good for so long in the past with service…

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Internet, Phone and Mail Scams

I grew up in a wonderful home. I had all I needed and more. I was taught to work and save and work some more. Unfortunately not everyone learned that. With the downturn in the economy and stock market many baby boomers are getting scared and wondering where the money is going to come from so more and more are falling prey to internet, mail and phone scams.

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