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Enable Mapping To C$ In Windows 7

People who have been using Windows for years, likely know about the administrator share (C$) built into Windows file sharing. You open Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer),type in the computer name followed by the “/” and then “C$” (//MyOldPC/C$) and you could access almost if not everything on the computer. No, you could not ‘run’ programs this way, just access the files and folders.

When you need to move data from one home computer to another such as during a computer replacement or upgrade you want to make it as easy and quick as possible. Continue reading

Gillware Cloud Backup

As a quick reminder, Web 2.0, Cloud, off-site, remote and quite often “managed” backups are stored out of your building, on someone else’s servers / storage systems. With that comes some relief and new stress. The relief is that if the backups are outside your building. If you lose your building due to fire, Tornado, Flood, Hurricane et al you can still, in theory access your backups. You just need a computer with the internet and your backup account logon information.

If you don’t have the software to run the backed up data then you are in trouble. For example, if you are backing up your point-of-sale database (QuickBooks, Dinerware, Microsoft’s RMS…) you will need those programs installed before you can use you recovered data. Just a reminder, if you backed up data is from a server with special setup such as Microsoft’s Business Contact Manager or Oracle, your new system must have that program and the database must still be recovered, it is not a “just drop the data in and go” setup, but then again, almost no backup is that way (I will deal with entire system recovery programs later, however as a heads up, I have had no issues or complaints with Acronis hint-hint wink-wink). Continue reading

Zoolz Home Cloud Backup

On 8/27/13 I purchased the unlimited Zoolz offer I wrote you about here:

As a reminder this is a Genie Cloud product and I really do like and use Genie products, just look at the side of the site here under “TWG’s Favorite Products”.

The install of the software on my test Windows 8 PC on 8/27/13 went perfectly smoothly. When configuring what to backup I was able to add mapped drives! Yeah! Many of the programs I have used to backup data, on site, PC to PC, PC to NAS, PC to Cloud do NOT allow mapped drives, it is their way of keeping people like you and me from mapping a server drive and backing it up. They want us to buy their “server” products, which are all much more expensive.

The selection of which files and folders and file types was easy and intuitive, adding or removing files and file types is easy and convenient. This is a major plus, especially when compared to Gillware (refer to that review). The interface is nice, easy and uncluttered. The settings allow a full and good range of options. There was a quick link get to “Help”, it is the “?” in the upper right corner of the dashboard. When you do find the “Help” it leads to a wiki but apparently not to a “forum”. It looks like questions though you cannot ask them, no biggie, you just have to use the old fashion email ( Continue reading